Infused Calendula Oil

After distilling dried calendula, I learned that its yield for essential oil is not big. In fact, it’s typically 0.3%, which means if you take 100lbs of calendula flowers and distill them, you’re going to get one third of a pound of oil. Not even a whole pound….So, basically, I didn’t get any essential oil, only hydrosol.

What I’ve decided to do in view of this little snag, is to infuse calendula into oil. It’s a very simple process that can be done a couple of ways. I chose the longer method. I have three mason jars full of olive oil with calendula flowers floating about, basking in the sun all day, and will continue to do so for 6 weeks. Every day I give the jars a shake, shake, shake as I tick another day off the countdown.

The infused oil will be mixed with beeswax to make a couple of different salves, and maybe even some lip balm.