These Tomatoes…and Pests

My tomato plants are gorgeous!!  Never have I had such green and lush tomato plants.  Early blight usually has poked his head around to all my plants.    *knock on wood*   Despite them being so close and hardly staked, the foliage is perfect.  As are the fruit settings.

What’s not perfect are the fruit…because of bugs….




Leaf-footed bugs


Never did find out what these are...their too long to be aphids, I think.



Life is just getting sucked out...

Being that I garden organically, I don’t use pesticides or seven dust.  I’m weary on using a mix of dishwashing liquid and water because last time I scalded my plants.  No more leaves…….Might put my cigarette butts in some water.  Let that soak and use it as a spray.  I think tobacco attracts some kind of tobacco pest or virus?, but there’s no tobacco growing around here….hopefully its ailments and pests don’t make it down to south Louisiana…

However, there’s some hope still…



Happy gardening  ❤


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