Welcome, June!

I’ve reached several milestones this season.  Not only have I expanded the garden into 7 beds, but I’ve succeeded in growing flowers. Well, two flowers.  My moon vines haven’t budded yet, neither have any morning glories (which they say is one of the EASIEST flowers to grow), but I have a single Sweet Pea plant (out of 25) to survive and bloom.  The second flower to bloom is a Black Eyed Susan vine.  Its vine is the oddest one I’ve seen.  The leaves look like blades of grass with leaves sprouting from the end.


The back fence bed is the one I’d thought I’d have the most trouble with.  I first transplanted 21 pepper seedlings there and they slowly withered away, and everything else seemed stunted and slow.  Fast forward a couple of months and things are looking much better.  Zucchini and cucumbers are growing really well, as well as a couple of cantaloupe.  The tomatoes I planted there seem to be doing really well, the basil, too.  Yesterday, I planted a spearmint plant in a vacant spot.  The only thing that seems to be struggling is the muscadine.  It’s the one of the few plants in the entire garden that have been hacked at by insects.


The herb bed is coming along nicely.  Some of the basil have started flowering and I have a couple of lavender blooms (another milestone).  It’s Spanish Lavender.  I was told it does very well down here as its more suited to our climate than other types of lavender. The string bean bed is doing great.  I’ve a few beans that I hope to pick tonight.  I’d like to pickle them.  I’ve probably a dozen sunflowers that are 3 ft tall; no flowers yet.


The main bed is coming along.  There’s a few cukes that are hiding under leaves, but I’ll be able to pick some really soon.  Tabasco peppers have appeared, as well as new jalapenos.  The tomato plants are growing taller and they’re starting to flower, but I’m worried that the summer heat will keep them from producing fruit.  I may need to shade them some kind of way.  One day I’ll be on schedule with my tomatoes….



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