Rosemary: The Queen of My Garden

Rosemary is hands-down my favorite herb.  We met about four years ago when I decided to (why not?) start a garden.  Thought to myself that it was easy!  Just dig a hole and plant a plant…..

While we all know it’s not as easy as that (though it can be, but most gardeners want their gardens to do the very best that they can), rosemary IS as easy as that.  Her story lies in her origins…


Picasso’s “Mediterranean Landscape”

Rosemary hails from one of the best places on Earth, the Mediterranean. This is where she received her..official name.  Rosmarinus officinalis.  If you don’t run around in those Latin circles, that translates to “mist of the sea”.


It’s a rocky, sandy area, the Mediterranean.  A bit dry, too, but rosemary grows rampant there.  She’s an easy-to-get-along-with plant.  She’s tough, she can handle drought, something I know personally.  Ever seen the top soil of a four-year old potted plant whose soil went undisturbed, except, for like twice?

It was like a mat.  Not much water was getting through, but she didn’t mind.  Rosemary isn’t a fan of wet, stagnant roots.  If the soil doesn’t drain well, rosemary ain’t growing there.  She’s never shown any sign of struggle or distress, so I let her be.  Like I said, very easy to get along with.

She’s one of my original plants.  The only one that made it.  I bought her along with oregano and thyme (which I’ve never been able to grow),  and basil, and mint.  I had to put her in a flower pot because she needed a home.  Her house wasn’t ready yet, so I moved her into a trailer.  She eventually toured the whole yard, and I’m sure she had a great time, but I think she was ready to put down roots.  The next stage of life has begun.






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