Moonlight Gardening…

I’ve done it many times and honestly, it’s my favorite time to garden.   On a night like tonight, a day or two away from a full moon, the 2nd for May, the night isn’t so dark.

There was a good, soaking rain last night, and a hot, blaring sun today (yesterday rather).  It made for the perfect soil to work with.  I am very impressed with my herb bed soil.  It grows anything I plant.

I managed to rearrange, and transplant, some basil.   And eight tomato vines.  I planted two oregano plants, since I’ve had no luck with seeds (thank you, backyard wildlife).

I watered everything down real well.  And I have at least two dozen basil plants that need homes.  It’s all 2nd generation basil (oh, yeah, the basil seeds I sowed took off), and I just can’t find it in me to plant abort…

This season’s basil ain’t gonna be no joke.  I see a lot of basil hydrosol in the future.  I’m right this minute testing a mixture of lavender, peppermint, and rosemary hydrosol as insect repellent.

Needs more work…


Backup plan.  Always have a backup plan…


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