Saturday, May 14th,

Around 9 am I transplanted tomatoes.  Moved them from the herb bed into the big bed.  This was their second transplant.  I was curious how well they would do being that I transplanted them early in the morning, and the sun was going to be bright and hot all day, but they did excellent.  Hooked them up with some fertilizer, watered them very well, and they are killing it.  Still have about 10 more plants to move…


There really are garden notes.

I picked the carrots I planted sometime in March.  The purpose of this crop was to pickle the harvest, as we don’t eat the carrots we do have.  I found a recipe online and made a sugar brine.  Never did that one before.  I used the same pickling ingredients that I used for okra a few years back (minus the dill seed).  Time will tell if it was a success.



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