Mopping the Floors: An Experiment

Wanting to experiment with something (I’ve been too busy to distill or garden much), I decided to put my efforts into the much needed housework.  Having a two-year old who hasn’t mastered the art of eating without dropping/throwing/putting food on the floor, and who also likes to be outside barefoot just as much as I do, makes for a very dirty floor.  We sweep it and “swiffer” it often, but it had been awhile since it had a good scrubbing.  Between the messy house and my just-sitting-there oils, I decided to combine the two.

Our house is mostly all linoleum, stretching from the front of the house to the back.  Lots of head and butt busting area, so I started in the living room to get that beast done first.  While I was boiling the water (more on that in a bit), I stripped the room of all its furniture.  If it wasn’t bolted to the wall, it was gone.  The dirt, the food, the spilled drinks, the built up filth behind and under the sofa, all of it needed to go.  I was going to scrub this floor on my hands and knees, and since my hands (and legs) were going to have constant contact with the mopping solution, I wanted something gentle.

The Mopping Soap

A good friend of mine makes soap, and one of my favorites is her Simply Soap.  I’m sure I could’ve used vinegar and baking soda, maybe a few other things as well, but I didn’t want to take the chance of the house smelling like vinegar or leaving a baking soda residue on the floor, making it gritty.  I had an extra bar of her soap, so I used it.  Leaving my grater at work (lunch purposes), I cut up chunks of the soap and added them to a pot of water.



After letting that boil, melt and blend for a bit, I added 10 drops of orange essential oil and 10 drops of rosemary essential oil.  Immediately, the smell was pleasant.  Not overwhelming, yet not subtle.  I poured this mixture into a bowl and began scrubbing.  After the initial scrub, I went back over the floors again to rinse them, I guess you could say.


Sudsy soap water with oils


That was a dirty floor…

The Results

Due to sore knees and time management, I decided to use a mop for the rest of the floor.  Same formula, different medium, and the results did not disappoint.  The floor indeed felt cleaner.  I’m a barefoot person, so I felt the difference right away, and still feel it about a week later, which I don’t know if that says something about my housekeeping or the soap solution….but, for some reason, and it could be my imagination, it seems as if the dirt is easier to sweep.  It’s like it easily moves over the floor.

I’m very impressed and will continue using this method in the future.  It left the floors looking and feeling clean, and the leftover scent smelled natural.  Maybe this weekend I’ll clean the walls with this…..


Waiting for the floor to dry


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