Louisana Saturday Night


I didn’t do anything in the garden today, but I did the inside of the house to be able to play in the garden tomorrow.

I did realize something, though.  I’ve been over watering my garden.  I bought a sprinkler not too long ago and it’s just so much fun.  Greyson loves it, I enjoy it, but I think I’m washing the fertilizer and nutrients away and down.  Like, down, down.  When the plants get older, it’s gonna be awesome, but while they’re young, their roots are shallow.  The nutrients are just washing through, stunting their growth.

However, every time it rains, my garden thrives.  I think I’m going to stop watering for awhile.  Let mother nature take up that chore.
Thank you, I’m very appreciative.

Brought to you by Lowell Fulson with Every Time it Rains.


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