Orange Oil

This time around, with all of the proper equipment, my orange oil and hydrosol were successes.  The water pump really makes all the difference.

Instead of using whole orange peels ground up in a food processor, I peeled the oranges of their zest and steam distilled that.  The result was a very fruity hydrosol.  The ill smell from the first try is not around this time.  I am very pleased.



7 thoughts on “Orange Oil

      • Satsumas are of the mandarin family I believe. They’re so juicy and so much more flavorful than the oranges in grocery stores. I live in south Louisiana, and there’s people who have pastures of satsuma trees that you can go and pick your own. You have to pay for them of course, but the cost, once again, is better than what stores charge.

        They make delicious orange juice, so I’ll probably juice what we don’t eat. That’s what we do with Meyer lemons. They’re as plentiful as the oranges down here.

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