Rosemary: My First and Most Favorite

April 11th is when it occurred to me that I can make essential oils with what I grow, and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.  I clipped some rosemary branches and rigged up a wok distillation station on the stove. wp-1461615867922.jpg


It worked pretty well even though I forgot the ice to help quicken the condensation.  I got a little bit of oil and quite a bit of rosemary hydrosol, which I use daily on my face as a toner.  It’s a great cleanser (as you can see) and it’s very refreshing.  I’ve found it works really well with oily skin.  Also, my face is very soft and my “mommy mustache” has gotten lighter.  Win/win.


Cleaning my face with rosemary hydrosol


Blurry, but you can see the oil and hydrosol separation.

Of everything I have steam distilled so far (lemon, orange, lavender), rosemary is my favorite.  The scent is very pleasant and unmistakably rosemary.  I plan to make a big batch very soon.


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